Alternative Energy Saving Tips

Alternative Energy (MONEY) Saving Tips

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What do we mean by alternative energy (MONEY) saving tips?  Well for one we do not suggest turning down the thermostat or changing the lights (who doesn’t know to do that?).

NO what we propose is that you take action that actually saves you money at zero cost.  Our tips are easy to follow and are probably nothing you have every heard before.  So here are our top 5 energy saving tips:

10. SHOP LOCAL – By walking down to the local shops you avoid using the car and thus using fuel.  You also support the local community and help keep your community healthy (less pollutants in the air, more money spend on local services which in turn helps maintain communities).  Doing things local will help you reduce your fuel bills, keep you fit and allow you to contribute to your community (all positive things).

9. GET OUTSIDE – when you are away from your home you are not using energy, so the more outdoor activities you do the less energy you should use (assuming you are not taking your expensive car to do these activities). Getting out and about with your family will also keep you fit while reducing your energy costs. So go on get outside, even if it is just to walk around the block (1 hour less TV time and 1 hour less energy use).

8. EAT BARBECUES AND SALADS – By getting the barbecue out you don’t need to use the electricity or gas in the house (assuming you have a conventional barbecue and not a gas fired one).  Having barbecues and salads in the summer and drinking cold drinks will all help reduce your energy costs.  No need to turn on ovens or kettles or coffee machines so this will definitely help reduce your energy cost.

7. WEAR or DON”T WEAR CLOTHES – In the summer take off as money clothes as it socially acceptable (inside and outside your home).  Do apply the sun screen but also don’t go around in your winter woollies (as my wife would say).  In the Winter do the opposite, wear as many clothes are possible (inside and out) when going to bed at night get the woolly socks on as this will give you the sensation of warmth.  Doing this will help you keep the air conditioning off in summer and heating off in winter.

6. SHUT THE BLINDS – Shut the curtains or blinds on the south side of your home when it is roasting hot outside.  By shutting the curtains or blinds you will prevent radiant heat passing through your windows and heating up you home.  Doing this will reduce your air conditioning costs and/ or electric fan cooling costs.   Get some air flowing in your home – open windows and allow air to flow through.

5. DROP OFF THE CLUBS – Take the golf clubs out of your car when going to the shops.  Lots of guys leave their golf clubs in the boot of their cars but carrying all of that extra weight costs money.  The more weight you have in your car the more energy you have to use to transport that weight.  So removing any excess weight out of your car will help you reduce your fuel costs.

4. LOOSE THE WEIGHT – Remove the spare wheel from the boot.  Again as with Golf Clubs, spare tyres (tires) are very heavy and it cost you a small fortune to travel with these things place in your boot, under your car or attached to your back door.  Simply back a foam fill puncture repair kit and put this in the boot instead.

3. GET CHEAP – Use the cheapest car you own to do the day trips when you need to use a car.  You may think this is a crazy suggestion but the reality is that this action will likely save you a lot of money.  The reason for this is that mileage contributes to car depreciation and so the more miles you do in the expensive car then the more money you lose.  The difference between a cheap car and a dear car that do the same sort of mpg can be as much as 30p/mile (50cents/mile).  If you want to know the exact amount then use our CarAPP which will give you the exact cost per mile for each car.

2.  USE SOMEONE ELSE’S ENERGY – One of the easiest ways to save money is to use other peoples energy.  Instead of plugging all your office equipment into your own home energy supply why not go to your local coffee shop (or library if these still exist) and use their energy instead,  Note buying coffee may be more expensive than using their energy so when there do considering cheaping out on what you buy. (tap water is best – free).  The upside of doing this is that you use their heat, their lights, their electricity and their WIFI so you really can save a lot of money if you do it right.

1. USE YOUR PERKS – Pensioners get great perks like free bus travel or cheap rail travel.  If you are a pensioner then you should really make the most of this.  Instead of taking the car, take the bus.  Using the free stuff that the state or government offer is the number one best way of saving your energy and you money. You’ve worked hard to get where you are so go on enjoy the free stuff and enjoy your life. If you don’t know what your due then search the internet and try and find out what you are due.  If you don’t have any success there then ask a friend if they can help.

We have accumulated over 200 energy (MONEY) saving tips which we will publish throughout the year.  We hope this first lot of tips will help you change a few things in your life that help you save money and perhaps get you a bit fitter, healthier along the way.


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