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Battery Devices vs Mains Electric?

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It’s all the age to have a battery operated vacuum and lawnmowers (no cords) but do these devices actually save you money?

Well the quick answer is NO!  They make vacuuming or grass cutting easier simply because you don’t have to skip over the cord, but they don’t make it any cheaper.  The reason for this is that the battery needs to be charged from the mains, so what you are effectively doing is charging a battery with electricity (turning the energy from electricity to chemical). Then the battery within the vacuum changes the chemical energy to electricity which then drives the motor (changing the power from chemical back to electrical and then into mechanical).

Every time you convert energy from one form to another there are losses.  So in simple terms by turning electricity into chemical energy then back to electrical and then into mechanical, you have introduced 2 additional conversions in to the process (in comparison to a mains driven device).

While battery operated devices make life easier they do NOT necessarily make life cheaper nor are they more efficient than direct mains operated devices.  If for example you wanted to operate your laptop as efficiently as possible then the way to do that is to remove the battery and run it completely from the mains.  By leaving the battery in the laptop, mains electricity is used to charge the battery and so some energy is wasted in the process of changing the electricity into chemical energy.

Now if you get your electricity for FREE (as discussed in previous blogs) this loss of energy is INSIGNIFICANT as the amount of energy you use (loose) has no cost.  The only time battery operated devices are therefore more cost effect than mains operated devices is when the power in the battery has been acquired form a free source.

The big advantage of battery operated devices is not that they are more efficient than mains electric nor will they save you money BUT rather that they will allow you to go where you want, when you want without being tripped up by an electric cord.

That said, if you can find a FREE way of charging your batteries (whether from a free source or using a free energy source such as the sun) then this changes the argument.  YES they still remain less efficient but because the energy is free that has been used to charge them then the use of these devices will save you money.

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