Burning out of spec fuel – Common mistake made by biomass operators

Burning out of spec fuel

It is crazy how many time I have seen biomass plant operators burning out of spec fuel, thus destroying the warranty conditions and exposing plant owners to having insurance claims turned down.  I am not talking simply about the main plant but also the auxiliary plant which includes conveyors etc. So why does this happen? […]

Climate Emergency – Really?

Climate Emergency

I hear it nearly everyday now.  We are in a Climate Emergency! Now lets be honest if you were on an Ocean Liner and the horns we blasting, people were running around screaming and the decks were filling with water as the ship is going down, would you simply plod around doing what you do […]

Extreme weather and Global Warming are linked, aren’t they?

Extreme Weather

The simple way to prove that the extreme weather events we are experiencing today are indeed due to Global Warming, is to look at what happened to the weather during the last warming period, the “Medieval Warming Period (MWP)”. The MWP happened between 800 – 1300 AD, a time when world population rapidly increased and […]

Renter beware – electric heating will cost you money

Renter Beware

It is probably obvious to most, all electric heating is the most expensive form of heating. BUT why is this? Well the simple answer is that electricity is expensive.  In most countries electricity is around 5 times more expensive then natural gas, 2 times more expensive than petroleum and around 2 times more expensive than […]

Trees are mostly water!

Trees are mostly water

Did you know that trees are mostly water?  Well that is a fact.  When you cut or fell a tree you will likely have a green tree (fresh cut) that is around 60% water. Now I am simply stating a well know fact here about trees nothing more. If you don’t believe me that trees […]