Save on your energy bills

Save money on your energy bills

How do you save money on your energy bills without having to spend a single penny? Well the answer is quite simple.  You start by knowing what type of energy you use, in what quantities and at what cost. This information is available on your energy bill(s).  On the bill(s) you will see how much […]

Is your meter type correct?

Right meter

Not many people know what meter type should be and whether or not the one they have installed is right for them – Economy 7 or Standard. I have seen houses with Economy 7 meters installed that use very little or no off peak electricity.  I have see businesses with Maximum Demand meters in applications […]

You can’t choose your electrons

Green Electrons

People actually think they are getting the electricity generated by wind turbines or solar panels simply because they have bought renewable energy from a renewable electricity generator or supply company.  This isn’t the case! Say you live a mile away from Drax (gas, coal and biomass powered generating station) in Yorkshire and you decide that […]

Turn on to turning off

smart plugs

Do you walk around your home turning off lights or switching off TVs, or computers that have been left on in empty rooms.  How annoying is this? Well the sad fact is that around 20% of all energy use whether in the home or at work is due simply to 20% of the people you […]

Do I have to?

Do I have to?

Is this the best question ever – Do I have to? I wrote a book in 2018 “Hot Water” (you probably didn’t read it as it cost a lot of money on Amazon and probably wasn’t what you call a page turner – solution for insomnia YES, page turner NO) it was about Global Warming […]

Hand Dryers spread germs, Paper Towels generate waste. How do we dry our hands?

Hand Dryers

Everywhere I go I see the new air-knife design hand dryer hanging on the wall of every public toilet.  I have often wondered, as I walked out of the toilet with my hands still wet and water splattered on my trousers (honest it is water and not something else), do these things actually work? Well […]