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Climate Emergency – Really?

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I hear it nearly everyday now.  We are in a Climate Emergency!

Now lets be honest if you were on an Ocean Liner and the horns we blasting, people were running around screaming and the decks were filling with water as the ship is going down, would you simply plod around doing what you do every other day as if nothing were happening?

Well that is what is happening when it comes to our Climate Emergency.

The problem we have is that some people aren’t really sure if the boat is sinking or not, AND the people screaming that the boat is sinking aren’t really doing anything other than screaming the boat is sinking, what they want is someone else to do something in order to ensure that boat doesn’t sink.

Confused?  Well I think a lot of people are in the same boat.

OK lets think about the situation.  If I were on a sinking boat the one obvious question I would ask “Is the boat really sink?”

Well according to the science the earth if definitely getting hotter.  Now this is one of the few things I don’t think anyone is disputing.  Whether you believe this to be natural or as a result of us humans doing something,  I think we can all agree the world on average is getting hotter.

Now if my science knowledge is correct then as the world gets hotter this means that on average the humidity of the air will increase, thus the amount of water that is evaporating and being carried in the air is increasing.  Given that what goes up must come down then we can say for sure that the atmosphere is definitely getting wetter, AND so to answer the first question “is the boat sinking?” the answer has to be a resounding YES the boat is definitely sinking, the decks are definitely filling with water.

OK if the boat is sinking then what should we do.  Well running around like headless chickens screaming that the boat is sinking isn’t going to help anyone.  In fact it is likely that headless chickens are likely to be the first people to die in any crisis.

If the boat is sinking and you can’t get off the boat then you need to plug the holes in such a way as the boat can stay a loft.  SO how do you plug the holes?

Well in the case of climate change the biggest problem is HEAT.  So to plug the climate change hole we need to turn down the heat.  So the next question is what “is producing all of the heat?”  The obvious answer is the SUN – the biggest heat source in the Universe.  That said we cannot turn down the heat from the SUN unless we decide to build huge solar shades and send them into space (possible but not likely to happen in my life time).  The alternative solution is to make the atmosphere “thicker” which then reduces the amount of heat getting to the earth surface from the SUN (acting like a climate umbrella).  This would mean we would need to introduce chemicals into the atmosphere like Sulphur which could act as a solar shield.  However, this is not a good idea as it would mean we would create a huge amount of acid rain and we would therefore likely destroy the planet in other ways ie as a result of destroying the plants.

No the real solution is to concentrate on the heat that is actually generated on the earths surface and which we can control.  The heat source we can control is the heat that we humans produces as a result of using and consuming energy.  Yes we can turn down the climate thermostat and thus the amount of water entering the atmosphere by simply using less energy.

OK the ship is sinking and all we have to do is plug the holes by using less energy.  This means less air travel, less car travel, less technology use and basically less use of energy in general. EASY!

The solution to Climate Change is therefore very simple.  Use less energy.

Now if there really is a Climate Emergency and people want to address that emergency then all they have to do is use less energy.  Thats right, those famous people telling us that they really care for the earth (and us their fellow humans) should simply get ride of their sports cars, get ride of their private planes, not have any more than one house and change to an organic diet (not simply vegan but rather organic which has a greater impact). they should then invest their millions in helping other do the same.

Sounds easy but I am not sure too many people really want to address the problem.  I think from what I can see going on around me is that people really want just scream about the climate emergency but not actually do anything to actually plug the holes.

If you want to plug the holes I would suggest you start with the small holes.  Start by using less energy.  Fly less, use the car less, read more and live a more natural life.

Of course you can always be a screamer as it helps show people you agree there is an emergency, just don’t expect to survive if that is all you do!


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