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FREE ENERGY – It is possible to never pay for energy again!

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There is FREE Energy everywhere all you have to do is look for it.

Now I am not talking about solar, wind or hydro.  Yes these are all free sources of energy but you need something in which to convert these sources of energy into useful energy – electricity and/ or heat. SO these are not FREE.

NO what I am talking about is actually FREE supplies of energy that is already in the form of electricity and/or heat which is FREE.

OK so how do you get FREE Energy? It’s quite easy actually you simply use other peoples energy as and when you can.

Consider if you will that you are a student.  Where is your main source of FREE Energy?  The answer is your University or College Library.  You don’t have to pay to get in.  There is usually stacks of desks or floor sockets which are there for students to freely use for powering their equipment (FREE Electricity). The environment in the library is usually maintained at a nice comfortable level to allow you to concentrate, so not only do you get access to FREE Electricity you also get access to FREE Heat.  All of the energy you use in that library is FREE.

So once you have identified your FREE source of energy then how do you maximise on this?  Well its called batteries. Consider if you will that your Laptop is a battery and your smart phone is a battery.  By simply making sure you plug these into one of the sockets in your library you are effectively giving yourself 5 to 10 hours of FREE portable energy (you can use your fully charged Laptop or Mobile when back at the flat or out partying).  Who says studying doesn’t pay?

To optimise your access to FREE Energy the solution is portable Battery Packs These things allow you to not only run your Laptop or Mobile (which you will have already charged) but the other tech you have stashed back at home.

What if your not a student? Don’t worry you also have access to FREE charging stations, you just need to find them.

If you are in your favourite coffee shop you may be able to sit at a table with a charging point nearby. Most coffee shops still make sockets available to customer for their tech.  Some Starbucks promote this as a selling point.  The downside of using a coffee shops is that the energy you use is likely to be a lot less than the coffee you drink, so perhaps your FREE Energy may cost you more given the overall cost.  Note if you were going to buy a drink anyway then make most use of their FREE Energy.

Public Libraries may also make available charging sockets especially in the reference section (the place where there are tables to sit and read big heavy books).  As long as you look like you are reading a book (any book) then people tend to leave you to get on with it.

If you are traveling then trains tend to have charging sockets and thus by plugging in to as many sockets as are near you, you can recouping some of the cost associated with paying for the ticket.

Note to optimise your benefit always consider having portable Battery Packs on your possession as this will allow you to not only charge the tech you want to use (Laptop and Mobile) but will also allow you to charge the tech you have left at home.

FREE Energy is available everywhere, where you study, where you work, on public transport, in coffee shops, in hotel rooms and even at your parent house (if you are a student or someone young then I am sure your parents don’t mind you charging up your tech at their home – just don’t do it every time you visit). The trick to getting the most from FREE Energy is to use and carry battery based tech – Laptop, Mobile and battery packs.

Once you have the portal power station in your bag you may never need to pay for energy every again, especially if you eat salads and only drink coffee from coffee shops who allow you to charge your power station 🙂


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