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How to be a smart shopper

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How do you get the best energy deals?

Well the simple answer is that you become a smart shopper by doing the things that other smart shoppers do and don’t do:
The don’ts:
(1) Don’t believe emails or telephone calls received from random strangers offering the “best energy deals in the market”.
(2) Don’t believe the flashing bargain banners embedded on many sites trying to monetise their websites by having paid for adverts – these are sponsored adverts and are usually sponsored by suppliers and brokers with big marketing budgets.
(3) Don’t think that all comparison site are the same and that they offer the best deals.
(4) Don’t buy straightaway.
The do’s:
(1) Use Price Comparison Websites (PWCs) such as,, and Use more than one to assess the market. Always click to see “all the deals” even the ones they cannot supply (if this is an option).
(2) Note the name of the product you like and do a Google, Yahoo, Bing or other ISP search engine to see if you can get it somewhere else.
(3) Scroll down when doing searches on search engines and look at more than the first webpage that appears.  Be aware that companies and people pay to rank on the first page which means that while they look good they may not be offering the cheapest prices.
(4) Note down the cheapest deal(s) and then go to the supplier’s own websites and see if you can get them cheaper.  Always note down more than one deal as it may be the case the number 2 and 3 on your list may become cheaper as a result of going direct.
(5) Before buying or switching go to which is a free website that lets you see if someone else is already being supplied by the company you are interested in, and if they are offering a “refer-a-friend” introductory link for you to use that will give you further benefit (discount, credit, voucher or even cash).
(6) Before signing on the dotted line have a look at independent reviews on the company you are proposing to switch to. Use and independent site such as Trust Pilot. This last action can be your life saver.
Why does sticking to the do’s and don’ts guarantee you the best energy deal?
(1) By shopping around you get to see what is on the market and so get to know where the product or service you are interested in is available, and where you can buy that product or service at best price.
(2) Going to the supplier’s own site let’s you see if the deal you have found can be offered any cheaper as a result of missing out the middleman.  It may be the case that the supplier is bringing in a new product or service and so is willing to offer a discount on the product or service you want.  It may also be the case that the supplier is offering a service or product which they do not offer via third parties.
(3) By going to you may be able to obtain another discount over and above what is already being offered.  Just make sure before you sign on the dotted line that the deal you are getting is better than the one you noted else where i.e. Bulb for example offer £50 cash for refer-a-friend arrangements so this is a big incentive to go via a referral route.
(4) By looking at independent reviews you can see if the company you are proposing to buy from (or switch to) has any issues i.e. poor returns policies, poor customer services etc. Doing this and getting feedback from people actually using a suppliers site can be a real life saver.
Once you do have the best deal then please do think about uploading a review on Trust Pilot as this will help others with their decision making process. AND do think about registering your “refer-a-friend” code on as this will help others get an even better deal (note it may also help you generated an uncapped incidental income i.e. £50 for every bulb switch for example).
Hope you get the best deal!


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