Is Coronavirus changing behaviours for the better?

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For the human population the Coronavirus is a very scary and worrying thing, especially given the high level of deaths that have or that will likely occur.  BUT is this virus actually doing what is needed in order to help address our free fall into an even more cataclysmic situation which will occur if we do not address Climate Change?

Consider what is actually happening right now throughout the world as a result of Coronavirus (Covid-19), the world population is decreasing for the first time in over 200 years. Borders to countries are being closed and thus international transport is grinding to a halt, meaning less planes are flying and less ships are sailing.  People are being asked to isolate and so stay and work from home, this again reduces travel as well as the use of centralised energy systems.

Coronavirus, and the fear that it has instilled in people has actually done what people were trying to do through persuasive means i.e. it has forced people to change their behaviour which has resulted in people using less energy and polluting the atmosphere less, all of which is exactly what is needed to address Climate Change.

BUT why does it take a pandemic to happen in order to change the way people behave?

The problem we have is that the majority of society today have never experienced restraint.  We have not lived through a situation where food is limited (like a world war), we have never lived through a period of time when food has been scarce (like famines in Africa) and become of this we (the majority) we have become a society of over consumers and waste generators. We are a society that basically want to consume as much as we can in order to experience as much as we can.  We want to go on cheap holidays overseas and eat/ drink as much exotic food as it made available to use.  Our ultimate aim in our connected world it to experience as much as we can and to then tell people about what we have experienced and why they should want to do the same.

With Coronavirus we are all being forced to stop the excess.  We are being forced to consider what is essential for life.  We are being forced to work healthy more environmentally friendly lives.

Today people like you and I are working from home, they are not commuting to work, they are not having their morning latte, they are not rushing to get to their desks in their air conditioned offices.  In fact today they are probably going to spend more time with their family, spend more time in stress free environment and spend more time doing only the important things.

Yes Coronavirus is scary and yes people will die (which is scary) but perhaps Coronavirus is a good wake up call which says to the world “it really is time to change how we live our lives”.

Be safe!

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