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Is going that extra mile worth it?

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Is going that extra mile worth it?  I am not talking about good Customer Service here!

Just finished a chat with one of the neighbours who said that they were just about to jump in their car to travel to the next village (6 miles away) in order to save a £1 on their fuel bill (the diesel is 2p/litre cheaper there).

I am not sure people realise this but does this is not really worth the trip.

If you consider that on average the cost of running a car is 30p/mile.  This takes into account wear and tear, cost of insurance, cost of service and maintenance, and the cost of depreciation due to mileage added to the car.

Now if my neighbour jumps into the car and does a round trip of 12 miles as proposed (simply to save 2p/litre) then they will spend £3.60 in order to save.  In the net cost to my neighbour will be £2.60.

If my neighbour were passing the petrol station while doing something else (like their weekly shop) then certainly it is a good idea to get the cheapest diesel possible BUT not to simply go to the petrol station for that sole purpose.

It is amazing how many people actually take a detour or do a special trip just to get cheap petrol or diesel.

To help address this we here have created an App which can calculate out your cost per mile and when you enter your journey it can give you the actual cost of your journey.

Please feel free to try it and let us know what you think! CLICK HERE



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