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PAT Testing – Is it necessary?

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Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) and Microwave Testing – what is that all about? AND what has this got to do with energy?

Well the reality is that most of the equipment we use on a daily basis is electrical.  I am currently writing on my computer and looking at my phone to see when I can go for lunch, all of these things are electrical.

Now given that we use electrical items on a daily basis then surely we should want to know that they are safe to use – correct?  We apparently not.

It would appear that a lot of business owners or landlords are ignoring the need to have electrical appliance tests done.  One business owner commented how she had just bought her hair drier for her salon 12 months ago so it must surely be safe (not given the fact that the lead had been rolled over on more than one occasion by one person in the chair).

Equipment safety has to go had in hand with energy use.  If you think of some of the most recent disaster, these have been due to a failure in safety checks done on electrical equipment.  Fridges should not go up in flames nor should washing machines – but they have and I am sure they will again in the future.

Another aspect of electrical equipment is that they give off radio waves.  Every single piece of equipment that use AC electricity gives of radio waves.  Now I know sticking my phone next to my ear isn’t actually going to improve my health BUT how bad can it really be?  Well I don’t know because I have never measured the RF from my phone. Perhaps this is something everyone should do – get a RF reading from their phone just to check that it isn’t going to cause any problems.

Now one thing that does worry me but which I also think is a great piece of tech – the Microwave.  Am I really getting cooked every time I sand next to my microwave waiting for my TV dinner?  Well it is highly unlikely unless you have some damage to the casing or if the door has a leak.  To be honest we actually did have a hole in the casing which we only noticed once when went to dispose of the microwave.

Energy and safety are invariably linked.  Using energy such as electricity and heat can be dangerous, so it does make complete sense to have a safety check done on a regular basis on your energy equipment.  If you do use handheld equipment with a cord which could potential get damaged as a result of moving it around (like a lawnmower) then it is probably a good idea to get this tested on a regular basis (once every 6 months or one a year depending on use).

Energy is a great thing when used wisely.  SO if you live in Scotland and want your appliances tested then feel free to get in touch, it could possibly save your life – Laird Associates Limited 


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