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Renter beware – electric heating will cost you money

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It is probably obvious to most, all electric heating is the most expensive form of heating. BUT why is this?

Well the simple answer is that electricity is expensive.  In most countries electricity is around 5 times more expensive then natural gas, 2 times more expensive than petroleum and around 2 times more expensive than biomass fuels (infinitely more if the biomass is free).

Yes, people can choose to replace electric heating systems with other heat sources but this isn’t always the case. Tenants for example don’t have the choice when they move into a property. They can’t simply remove the heating system that is already installed. In many cases they won’t realise just how expensive the electric heating is, not until they have signed their lease and then receive their first electricity bill.

Electric heating can seriously change the dynamics of renting a property.  For example a property where gas central heating is installed, and using 20,000 kWh of heat, will cost the energy consumer around £600 per annum (£50 per month).  For the same amount of heat, a property with electric heating installed will cost the consumer around £3000 per annum (£250 per month).  Now you may think that your rent is cheap, however, when you take into account the cost of electric heating, your overall property overheads could mean that you are paying a lot more for a property than you would by taking a slightly more expensive rental with gas central heating installed.

Landlords are not incentivised to install gas central heating, installing electricity heating is a lot cheaper.  The cost of installing panel heaters is around 5 times cheaper than installing a gas central heating system so there is no real incentive for a landlord to replace an existing electric heating system with a gas central heating system (or even renewable heating system).

SO renter beware.  Before agreeing to renting a property have a good look at the heating system.  If it is electric then be fully aware that this is going to cost you around 5 times more than it would if the heating system was gas.

If you are renting a property with a gas central heating system do look to see that the landlord has provided a Gas Safe Certificate and that they have installed all of the various safety equipment.  This should include Carbon Monoxide, Heat and Smoke detectors.  They should also provide suitable information on how to operate any thermostats and boiler controls.  If you are renting and you do have a problem with your boiler then you should let your landlord or their agent know as soon as possible.

Our tip for when you are looking at what to rent is have a good look at the Energy Performance Certificate for the property.  A property in the A, B & C brackets are likely to cost you a lot less than a property in lower ranging Energy Performing brackets. Energy costs can make what looks like a good rental option a very expensive option.

Renter beware!



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