They have re-invented the wheel – genius!

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At long last an electric bike solution that means I don’t have to throw away my old loved bike.

GeoOrbital has created a wheel that can be fixed to any bike, gives you all of the benefits of a conventional electric bike BUT without the need to get rid of your old well loved tourer. How great is that?

What they have gone and done is re-invent the wheel that can be fixed to any bike without any special tools (under 60 seconds),which can drive the bike like any other electric bike up to 20 mph and not only that, they have gone and attached the GeoOrbital generator to a wheel that will never go flat (foam filled wheel). How good is that?

The one thing that put me off getting an electric bike was the fact that I already had a great bike which was pretty unique as it already used an automatic gear changer (changes the gears based on rotational speed of the wheel).  So while I loved the idea of an electric bike I didn’t love the idea of getting rid of my old bike (or making it redundant and leaving it in the garage).

This new wheel generator is great as it basically turns any bike into an electric bike (when you want it to be electric ) and allows you to turn you bike back into a conventional bike by simply removing the front wheel.

OK the downside it that it is not cheap (over $1000) per wheel.  In UK terms that means you are paying around £850 for the wheel. On the upside you avoid throwing away your old bike, you have the flexibility of using the wheel on any bike in the house (with the same wheel size), your not going to get a puncture anytime soon and the wheel generates electricity that is stored and can be used to charge anything device with a USP (if your phone gets low on juice you can give it a charge).

If you like what you see then why not slip over to the refer-a-friend website and use the link there to get a $50 discount against your first purchase.  We think this is definitely a wheel changer 😉

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